Creation and maintenance of sustainable green spaces
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Leading player in sustainable green spaces

Tierra Ingeniería y Paisajismo, S.L. is a family company based in Las Rozas (Madrid) with more than 150 employees that, in collaboration with prestigious architects and landscape architects, creates and maintains unique and sustainable green spaces that require a high level of technical knowledge. Its activity is aimed at individuals, public entities and corporations, both regional and national, that place sustainability and biodiversity among their priorities, to which it offers a wide range of value-added services, including engineering.

The partnership between Tierra and Miura seeks a rapid expansion in Iberia, benefiting from Tierra's privileged positioning and Miura's experience in scaling high-growth projects, either organically or through the integration of other companies in the sector. With this partnership, Tierra will continue to lead the sustainable gardening space in Spain and Miura will support a project with a clear focus on environmental and social impact.

Tierra optimizes carbon sequestration, promotes biodiversity and improves the resilience of cities to climate change. In addition, the company contributes to fostering decent employment through its own training and hiring program for people in precarious employment situations.