About us

We are a firm specialized in investing and developing middle-market companies with a clear focus on innovation and growth

We put teamwork at the center of our work, based on the creation of collaborative ecosystems where ideas, talent, experience, effort and responsibility come together to help build solid, long-lasting, leading companies. It is in our nature.


Assets under Management


Investments since 2008



Purpose driven firm

We aim to be the best partner in the development of leading companies and the creation of sustainable value with a long-lasting impact on society

Solid, long-lasting companies

We have proven experience in undertaking projects for the growth, consolidation and internationalization of family businesses with a strong focus on innovation.

People united by a common vision

We partner with management teams and guide them in the development of projects designed to foster business growth. We have gained the continuous support of investors who share our vision.

Responsible investment

We care about the legacy of our work. We align our companies’ business goals with impact objectives, establish commitments and report our results.

Our Values


We promote innovative ideas and take a proactive approach. We constantly explore new horizons to go beyond our comfort zone


We enjoy what we do, we empower our teams and foster a sense of pride and belonging


We are rigorous and have an analytical mentality. We take responsibility for our work and go above and beyond

Team spirit

We share responsibility in both success and failure


We treat others as we would like to be treated. We promote transparency in the firm at all levels