Responsible investment

Responsible investment model oriented to impact within our portfolio companies

We believe that Miura Partners and our companies can make a significant contribution to socio-economic progress and environmental protection, to mitigate the risks of climate change and to ensure strict compliance with Human Rights.

We work with our companies to develop an ESG and compliance management model, establish impact commitments under the Sustainable Development Goals framework and set measurement standards for reporting results.


Impact ambitions stablished within our portfolio


ESG KPI's monitoring within our portfolio


Jobs created within our portfolio


Scope 2 emissions monitored within our portfolio

Our ESG Model


Analysis and assessment of risks through an ESG Due Diligence to stablish a sustainability model

Holding period

ESG Policy

Definition of commitments and strategic priorities in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals

ESG Strategic Plan

Planning and implementation of initiatives aligned with the commitments established in the policy

ESG Reporting Model

Definition of indicators for measuring the progress of the strategic plan; continuous reporting on indicators to Miura Partners; and drafting and publication of sustainability reports


Underpinning the ESG model as a value creator with long-lasting purposes