Design and manufacture of security products
Binéfar (Aragón)
Type of transaction
Buy-In Management Buy-Out (BIMBO)
Product development, international expansion
Investment year

Design and manufacture of security systems

In July 2009, Miura became shareholder of Proytecsa, a leading national company of products and advanced technological solutions to the security sector.

The project of the management team, with Miura´s support, aimed to consolidate the company as a national leader in the sector of security products and to provide the company with an international scope in European and Middle East countries.

After these years, Proytecsa developed an ambitious internationalization plan, focused its efforts on the development of new products, and was committed to innovation. In thissense, from 2012 to 2015, the company invested on average 14% of its sales in R+D, achieving a great potential in the Middle East markets, and finding recurrent revenues from the equipment renewal in Europe.