Noa Visual Group

Design and manufacture of Visual Merchandising products for the fashion retail sector
Type of transaction
Management Buy-In
Local consolidation and international expansion
Investment year
2008 (Grupo Atrezzo)
2009 (build-up de Marcelo Vilá)

Visual merchandising solutions for retailers

Miura became a shareholder of Grupo Atrezzo in 2008. At that point, the company was the leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of visual merchandising for fashion retail chains throughout Spain. The company’s focus was servicing major national fashion brands, local multi-brand shops and department stores.
Marcelo Vilá was acquired in 2009, and its integration into Atrezzo saw the creation of Noa Visual Group. The combined vision of Miura and the management team was to become the European leader in visual merchandising for fashion retail, including products and services both in windows and inside shops.
In just 5 years, Noa Visual Group achieved that goal. Based in Barcelona, the design group provides exports and influence across five continents, with clients including major and luxury retailers. Turnover doubled, with sales around €25 million, of which more than 80% came from international markets. The company also launched operations in China, establishing a logistics hub and a subsidiary dedicated to servicing the growing demand in Asia.