Guzmán Gastronomía

Production and distribution of fresh products to the HRI channel
Type of transaction
Management Buy-Out (MBO)
Local consolidation and diversification into new product ranges
Investment year
2011 (Guzmán)
2012 Solé Graells (add-on)
2013 Ivorra, Eurobanan (add-on)
2014 Sergi Fruit, Fruites i Queviures del Vallès (add-on)
2015 Cuttings (add-on)
2016 Mundofruta (add-on)

Market products directly to restaurants, hotels and caterers

In April 2011, Miura acquired a majority stake in Guzmán Gastronomía, a local leading company in the production and distribution of fresh products to the HRI channel. Miura´s shared project with Guzmán Gastronomía´s Management team, was aimed at consolidating the fragmented Spanish foodservice market by adding complementary platforms.

In the past years, the company experienced a significant organic growth through an active M&A policy (7 acquisitions in total). In August 2015, Guzmán acquires the totality of Cutting´s and becomes the national leader in the distribution of fresh products to the HRI channel. Through its seventh acquisition, Mundofruta in 2016, the company consolidated its leadership in Madrid.

After 6 years with Miura, Guzmán Gastronomía became the undisputed national leader in the foodservice sector, tripling its sales and reaching €100 million. In 2017 the company had a costumer portfolio of over 4.000 clients, more than 130 distribution routes, and offered more than 3.000 product references.

BIDCORP´s entry into Guzmán´s share capital, showed the strategic value of the company, and enabled the global leader the opportunity to penetrate into the highly strategic Spanish market and to expand in Europe.