Grupo BC

Outsourcing services (BPO)
Type of transaction
Capital expansión
Local consolidation and international expansion
Investment year
2011 (Cibergestión, Latam)

Externalization of banking and real estate services

In December 2010, Miura acquired a minority stake in the shareholding of Grupo BC, one of the leading providers of outsourcing services (BPO) in Spain. The company worked with the country´s leading banks and had an ambitious international growth and local consolidation plan led by its management team.

During Miura´s 5-year holding period, the company performed i) an ambitious consolidation plan in the Spanish market with ten acquisitions and ii) an international expansion plan initiated with Chile and Mexico´s entries via the acquisition of Cibergestión in 2011, and the opening of subsidiaries in Perú, Brasil and Colombia.

In December 2015, Miura announced the sale of its share in Grupo BC to L-GAM. The company, undisputed leader of outsourcing services, had already initiated the development of two new business lines and was excellent positioned to be one of the relevant providers in the increasing outsourcing services of its clients and benefit from the mortgage market recuperation within the geographies where it operated.