Credit management services
Type of transaction
Management Buy-Out (MBO)
Local consolidation, launch of new business units
Investment year
2013 Unitas (add-on)

Comprehensive credit management in all sectors

In March 2010, Miura acquired a majority stake in Gescobro, one of Spain’s leading independent credit management companies, specialized in unsecured non-performing debt servicing. Gescobro works with the country’s leading financial institutions, energy and telecom companies, and with international investment funds acquiring non-performing loan portfolios in Spain.

Following its initial vision of the project, and during Miura’s 5-year holding period, the Management Team reinforced Gescobro’s leadership position in the Spanish market. The company became the reference servicer for financial institutions and international funds, growing its volume of managed claims to a value €4 billion in 2014.

Through reinforcement of the organization’s major areas (Team, IT and Analytical Capabilities), and the strategic acquisition of Unitas, Gescobro was able to build a portfolio of global credit management services for its clients, including complementary lines of business such as consultancy, portfolio valuation and due diligence.