Production of innovative industrial gas generation, freezing and CO2 capture equipment.
Barcelona, Spain
Type of transaction
Management Buy-Out (MBO)
National and international expansion
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Leading company in industrial gas generation and freezing equipment

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Barcelona (Spain), GasN2 designs, develops and commercializes energy-efficient industrial equipment for a wide variety of industrial applications and market segments, such as food, pharma and healthcare.

The company offers on-site industrial gas generation and mixing equipment that is more efficient, saving more energy consumption than current alternatives. In addition, it develops industrial refrigeration and drying devices using cleaner gases, as well as CO2 capturers which are further reused in water treatment, among other solutions.

Thanks to its positioning, GasN2 has grown 25% annually over the last years. Together with Miura, the company will develop a project of international and national expansion.