Production and sale of organic and conventional citrus fruits, and stone fruit
Sollana (Valencia)
Type of transaction
Management Buy-Out (MBO)
International expansion and product development
Investment year
2021 Agrícola Famosa (add-on)
2022 Arco Fruits, San Miguel Peru & South Africa (add-ons)
Current portfolio

Fresh fruit from field to table

Citri&Co emerges in 2017 as the leading European citrus group, with the integration of Martinavarro and Río Tinto.

In 2018 Citri&Co strengthens its leadership in Europe by integrating the lemon market leader Perales & Ferrer, one of Europe´s leading exporting companies of fresh lemons.

In 2019 joins forces with Frutas Esther, the European leader in the production and sale of stone fruit, and with Sunpack afterwards, a Moroccan headquartered company specialized in citrus production and packing.

In 2021 Citri&Co becomes a global reference in the fresh fruit market by partnering with Agricola Famosa, the Brazilian world's leading grower and exporter of melon and watermelon.

In 2022 the company acquires the fresh fruit business of San Miguel, a leading fruit production, distribution and natural ingredients company in the southern hemisphere. The agreement includes the integration of San Miguel's subsidiaries in Peru and South Africa, as well as the exclusive commercialization of the fresh fruit production in Argentina and Uruguay. With this transaction, Citri&Co continued its international expansion in key geographies of the southern hemisphere, thus boosting the growth in markets such as the United States, Middle East and Asia, and becoming a 12-month-a-year supplier of quality citrus.

The last transaction continues to build the project launched by Miura in 2016 when it became a shareholder of Martinavarro. Today Citri&Co manages around 700,000 tons of citrus, 30 packaging houses, over 30,000 hectares and total sales of over €700m.