Investment criteria

We invest in leading companies that operate in attractive niche markets and have solid, proven and sustainable business models

We partner with top-tier companies and management teams that are committed to leading innovative and growth-oriented projects

We take controlling stakes through acquisition, expansion capital and recapitalization transactions

We typically invest between 15 and 50 million euros of our capital in each of our portfolio companies

The value creation process


From business families and entrepreneurs to professional management teams. Attracting and retaining talent

Organic business development

R&D, technological acceleration, optimization and solutions to operational challenges

Sector consolidation

Acquisition of national and international companies to strengthen the competitive positioning of our portfolio companies


Scalability of our companies to expand their products and services globally


Reinforcement of executive positions following the incorporation of Miura


Revenues of our companies in international markets


Add-on investments to integrate into our portfolio companies

Areas of Activity

Private Equity

We invest in family businesses through buy-out and growth operations, partnering with management teams and founders to lead consolidation, national and international expansion and business development projects, resulting in stronger and more sustainable companies.

We have extensive proven experience in consumer & retail, industry, services, food and health sectors, both nationally and internationally.


We are one of the pioneering investors in the Agribusiness sector in Spain and we manage the largest European fund specializing in investments in this sector with a value of 360 million euros, backed by large international institutional investors.

We have driven the creation of global agri-food companies by expanding and diversifying into other continents. We promote the fundamental value of companies rooted in the land, the climate and their legacy.