Intermediation of insurance products, especially for SMEs
Type of transaction
Management Buy-Out (MBO)
Consolidation and national expansion
Investment year
Current portfolio

The leading broker in the agricultural sector

Miura Partners is undertaking a consolidation project in the insurance brokerage sector under Brokers Alliance brand, aiming to create the leading independent insurance broker in Spain for SMEs.

With the investment in Banasegur, the leading agricultural broker in Spain, Miura takes a first step towards the consolidation of a highly atomized sector. Banasegur management team will continue to run the company while current shareholders will reinvest a significant stake in the project. Banasegur is specialized in the agricultural insurance intermediation sector with a strong positioning in the SME space. The company has a solid geographical presence in Lerida, Tarragona, Zaragoza, Murcia and Seville (Northern and Southern Spain) and a wide insurance product offering to SMEs including credit & surety, multi-risk, health and life & pensions.

Miura plans to tackle different inorganic growth opportunities by incorporating other synergistic brokers to the project to broaden the company’s current geographical presence and product portfolio, especially in the SME space. In addition, Miura will be focused on the implementation of organic strategic initiatives to enhance the group’s commercial activity and operations including strong efforts in digitalization processes.